Our clients come in two forms: 1) A pharmaceutical or biotechnology company needing to solve a problem or accelerate an initiative and typically do not require commercialization help or; 2) An investor or entrepreneur that requires assistance to capture a commercialization opportunity. We start by studying the problem and analyzing solutions. If the client deems the opportunity as risk worthy, we begin the product development. Defining the commercialization pathway, along with the IP strategy, are typical components of our commercialization strategy.

  • Problem Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Commercialization Pathway
  • IP Strategy and Legal Networking

Problem Analysis

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ABT is in the business of solving difficult problems that address identifiable market needs. We help clients understand, and shape, the technology to create a product (or portfolio of products) that is developed with the end game in mind. Before starting an engagement, ABT will qualify the merit of the initiative and only accept projects that we believe are based on sound business judgment.

Product Development

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Our scientist are trained to develop technology and products with the ultimate goal of commercializing their work. We integrate this market driven mindset into our scientific techniques to save time and money down stream.

Commercialization Pathway

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ABT helps our clients understand the complexities of commercialization along with the phases and financial implications of each stage of development. Awareness of the future milestones and budgetary implications on the front end helps avoid adverse long term consequences.

IP Strategy & Legal Networking

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We can contribute to the business and science side of the IP strategy saving time and money. Furthermore, we are engaged with four top tier legal firms located on both coasts and can provide introductions if desired.

ABT can answer complex questions by simplifying science and driving return on investment
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Coda Genomics

"Applied Biomolecular Technologies provided real problems solving expertise to the task of expressing a functional immunoprotein in E. coli.

They helped us to evaluate the feasibility of a key project in our portfolio of technology. Under the guidance of the CSO, Dr Zupancic, they were able to design an effective system for expressing and isolating the protein from the genes we provided and developed an imaginative and effective testing protocol that demonstrated the desired cell-based behavior.

I will not hesitate to use ABT in the future to take on projects that require lab and business expertise to reach the market place. Faster than building a lab, ABT can help you reach your technology business’s next value inflection point. Working with ABT provides a great return on investment."

- Bob Molinari
Chief Executive Officer - Coda Genomics