ABT works with entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life through science

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ABT can answer complex questions by simplifying science and driving return on investment

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Our Services

Our Services include commercialization and research/development help

We offer complete commercialization services, working interactively to identify the problem, define the commercialization pathway, and work toward an IP strategy that delivers the best return on investment for our clients.

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ABT Advantage

ABT make science simple by working collaboratively and interactively

ABT is your virtual technical development team. We provide contract development services for commercializing biologic based diagnostics and drugs from pre-IND to delivery. We work in a collaborative and interactive way to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

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Our Expertise

ABT has expert scientists in biomolecular engineering and protein biochemistry

Our team of international scientists are some of the best in the world at proteins and biomolecular science. Even our bench scientists are PhD holders, and all of our brain power is dedicated to your project to solve complex problems.

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