ABT's Nanotech West Facility

About Us

Applied Biomolecular Technologies, Inc. provides pre-clinical research services in Biologics. We are not your typical contract research organization (CRO). Rather than routine testing, ABT accelerates biopharmaceutical R&D by providing scientists with creative solutions in the areas of genetic engineering, protein biochemistry, and cell biology.
ABT provides crucial intellectual knowledge, laboratory services, and solutions to our biopharmaceutical research and development clients as partners. Through this collaborative process, ABT differentiates itself from traditional consultants and simple service providers (CROs).
ABT can apply its unique combination of capabilities to extend the reach of a company's in-house R&D program, accelerating project development, and allowing company scientists to concentrate on the important biological issues.

ABT is helping clients solve complex problems // Science Made Simple

ABT Advantage

Areas of Expertise

Our team has extensive experience both from the academic environment and from industry. The senior staff each has 25+ years of hands on experience. The project managers all have Ph.D.’s and a minimum of six years after receiving their degrees. Our strengths are in the fields of:


ABT is located in Ohio.

    We have two laboratories in Columbus:

  • Nanotech West
  • Chambers Road

  • We have a satellite facility located in Athens Ohio:

  • Bio Innovation Center

These three sites were chosen for strategic reasons; close proximity to Ohio State University and Ohio University. By doing so, we have been able to build strong partnerships and close ties with both universities. This gives us access to additional state of the art equipment, facilities and key thought leaders. It is also our primary source for recruiting top notch talent as we expand!

Client Support

ABT is dedicated to building strong and long lasting relationships with our clients. Our philosophy is based on a foundation of:

  • Fully understand the problem or project at hand first!
  • Be willing to question if the problem should be solved or are there alternate paths that are worth considering
  • An eagerness to search out answers through our vast network or scientific and business colleagues
  • Giving clients full access to our entire staff and outside collaborators
  • Communicating our progress (good and bad) on a regular and frequent basis
  • A desire to continually learn, improve and have fun during the process

Our Team

Nick Henderson, CEO

Nick Henderson
Chief Executive Officer

The Pennsylvania State University; The University of Dayton; MBA

Nick Henderson became the CEO for Applied Biomolecular Technologies in December 2011. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI) and The Ohio State University - School of Medicine, Technology Review Board. Prior to his current role, Nick was the founder and President of Signature Medical Direct which he sold to an industry leader in late 2010.

Nick is an accomplished entrepreneurial having started and grown 9 new ventures and one foreign (GmbH) operation. He has extensive senior management experience as a CFO, COO, and President, and he has worked at such notable companies as Cardinal Health, NCR, AT&T, Express-Med, and Signature Worldwide. His passion is helping entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale new ventures. He is experienced in technology opportunity assessment, defining commercialization pathways, and capturing exit strategies. Nick received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA from the University of Dayton.

Tom Zupancic PH.D., CSO

Tom Zupancic Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

The Ohio State University; Indiana University; Molecular Biology

Dr. Zupancic is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Applied Biomolecular Technologies (ABT). He is a Molecular Biologist with more than 25 years of experience in the design and execution of applied Biotechnology research projects. He has extensive hands on experience designing and leading product development programs in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical development. Specific projects span a broad range of scientific and technology areas including genetic engineering, molecular biology, protein therapeutics, bioproduction processes, bioinformatics, functional genomics, immunology, disease biology, and vaccine development.

Prior to starting ABT in 2006, Dr. Zupancic had a distinguished career in industry working for GeneticXchange, LabBook, Inc, and the Battelle Memorial Institute in roles ranging from Chief Scientific Officer to Applied Scientist. He holds 17 US patents. Dr. Zupancic has specific expertise in the area of intellectual property development gained as a Senior Scientific Advisor for Intellectual Property with Baker and McKenzie LLP. He received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Indiana University, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow. He graduated cum laude from the Ohio State University, with Distinction in Genetics and Phi Beta Kappa.

Rich Brody PH.D., VP Research

Rich Brody Ph.D.
Founder, Vice President of Research

Cornell University; Harvard University; Chemistry

Dr. Brody has more than 25 years of experience directing laboratory programs in protein biochemistry. He has been the recipient of National Institute of Health Research Grants and has provided technical leadership on both industrial and government sponsored research programs. Prior to co-founding ABT, Dr. Brody was Biochemistry Research Leader at Battelle, a contract research organization, where he directed multiple research and development programs in the Biotechnology Department.

Dr. Brody has worked extensively in the Biotechnology industry, where he was Director of Protein Research for Progenitor Corporation. He as also worked in academia, where he was an assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Buffalo. His specialties include: Protein Modification (e.g. pegylation, labeling); Protein Purification; Protein Characterization; Protein Stabilization; and Assay Development. Dr. Brody received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Cornell University, and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard where he investigated multiple problems in the mechanisms of enzyme action.

JD Kittle PH.D., VP Business Development

JD Kittle Ph.D.
Vice President of Business Development

Ohio University; Harvard University; Chemistry

Dr. Kittle is the Vice President of business development for Applied Biomolecular Technologies. He has over 20 years of experience in the world of biotechnology. Dr. Kittle has expertise in the development of products and services in the areas of: Genome Engineering; Gene Synthesis; Realtime DNA Analysis; Genomics; as well as Protein Expression and Purification. Prior to joining ABT Dr. Kittle held key positions at virtual3C (as CSO), CODA Genomics (as VP of Research and Technology), and at Lark Technologies (as Director of New Products); where he displayed a keen understanding of product development as well as a deep knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, and synthetic biology.

Dr. Kittle also works in academia, in the Chemistry department at Ohio University; where he teaches courses in both chemistry and biochemistry. He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Ohio University, then went on to Harvard, where he earned his PhD in Chemistry. He completed his post doc work at Ohio State University in biochemistry in 1991 and quickly found employment at Battle the same year.