Protein Biochemistry

Like our clients, every protein is an individual with unique properties and needs. Our protein biochemists are experts in the complete range of technologies needed to build protein based applications including: purification, protein engineering, assay development, conjugation and labeling, and pegylation. Our broad range range of skills enable us to collaboratively and efficiently solve complex problems in protein biochemistry.

  • Purification Strategies
  • Protein Engineering
  • Pegylation
  • Assay Development
  • Conjugation & Labeling

Purification Strategies

Our protein biochemists have extensive experience in developing purification strategies to isolate active proteins from complex mixtures/sources.

Protein Engineering

Our protein design and modification techniques support complex protein engineering platforms.

Assay Development

Testing and evaluation is ingrained in all our processes. We can create custom assays to support clinical diagnostics, therapeutics, and a broad array of bio-products.

Conjugation & Labeling

Adapting proteins for sophisticated applications increase performance in a variety of formats.


Our biochemists have extensive experience with Pegylation chemistry. We can design a specific pegylation strategy to optimize the performance of your protein.



Coda Genomics

"Applied Biomolecular Technologies provided real problems solving expertise to the task of expressing a functional immunoprotein in E. coli.

They helped us to evaluate the feasibility of a key project in our portfolio of technology. Under the guidance of the CSO, Dr Zupancic, they were able to design an effective system for expressing and isolating the protein from the genes we provided and developed an imaginative and effective testing protocol that demonstrated the desired cell-based behavior.

I will not hesitate to use ABT in the future to take on projects that require lab and business expertise to reach the market place. Faster than building a lab, ABT can help you reach your technology business’s next value inflection point. Working with ABT provides a great return on investment."

- Bob Molinari
Chief Executive Officer - Coda Genomics